Production Update 10

They’re spinnin’!

It has been BUSY around the Bomb Factory with all manner of things going on! Since last Saturday when we started production casting at the Reaper factory on the Relics, Maelee and Helen, we wrapped  up today with getting ALL of the Helen pieces ready for fulfillment. We chose these particular pieces to start with because we needed more of them than any of the others. The chart below has not been completed with the current production numbers yet.

On Monday we printed out all of the current spreadsheets from the Kickstarter surveys and Vicky compiled them into an Order Book so she can start marking off the packages and track everything as we begin to ship them out. We also received 13 of the 19 final postcards and Vicky has been collating them into sets as we wait for the final six designs to arrive.

Vicky, Martin and I spent all day last Saturday and this Saturday casting as many of the initial pieces as we could. Several of the other pieces are well on their way to being completed. Martin singlehandedly cast a third of all the Maelee’s for fulfillment. We appreciate his hard work for sure! Vicky and I were able to finish all of the quantities for Helen and about half of all the Relics are done along with a handful of the Sidekicks. Most of the rest of the casting chores will be finished out by Reaper’s regular casting crew.

After a long week of casting, printing, sculpting, sorting, bagging, emailing, photographing, sculpting, and casting here is where we are:

• Helen – completed
• Maelee – 35%
• Relics – 50%
• T-shirts – completed, awaiting pickup
• Postcards – printed 100%, delivered 60%, packaged 50%
• Padded mailers – delivered
• Sculpts – 60%

So we still have quite a bit to go but it is chugging along every day. Paint masters have gone out to Martin, Jessica, Vicky and Meg to start on and I’ll be posting their work in a future update.

I’m still sculpting every day to get the rest of the pieces completed. I’ll be delivering six more Babes to Reaper this week for our next mold. There will be some better shots of the final pieces in the next update once I can get the base tabs attached.

Progress in ZBrush has continued with my final digital piece for the KS project – the HS38 Rocket Bike.

Here the fuselage has been completed and the primary engines lined up for size. Details for the seat padding, central control panel, assorted vents,  primary Iriduim power plant, and stabilizers will be added next. Hover Shuttle utilizes twin Type IV Illyirian Bust-A-Drives® in their model 38 single seat bike. This provides maximum thrust and maneuverability in atmospheric environments.

The plan is to get this baby off to the printer this week.

More as it happens!

The Sculptdude

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