Production Update 9

I am pleased to note that the vast bulk of the administrative tasks in getting Bombshell set up are pretty much done. Granted there are still innumerable details in getting the orders ready for fulfillment but all of the parts are in place now for us to begin the final segment of completing the project. Tim, Keri and I are finishing up the final batch of art for the postcards. here are a few progress shots.

The majority of the day Thursday was spent out at Reaper doing a little sculpting, approving and casting. The mold team (Ghent and Melissa) have done a fantastic job molding the Babes and getting them ready for production. I am very proud of their work and am fortunate to have their expertise in bringing the Babes to you.

There is still a LOT of sculpting to complete and I’m sure many of you are wondering when they will be finished. Now that most of this side-line setup work is done I can focus more time on finishing the actual sculpts. Delivery of Batch B for molding is expected to be sometime next week and there will be another update with photos of the sculpts.

Here is what has been set up so far:

• Molding & Casting deposit paid
• Masters for Batch A Babes completed.
• Batch A production molds completed
• Painting Assignments completed
• T-shirts ordered
• Resin base inserts ordered
• Postcard art 50% – Batch A goes to printer Wednesday
• Batch B Armatures complete


Vicky has spent several days consolidating the results of the spreadsheets from the surveys. I can’t begin to describe how juggling the data from over a thousand responses has been for the two of us. Here is the data she has compiled so far.

Kickstarter surveys: 26 responses outstanding of 1120


Maelee – 1016
Meagan & Monkey First Mate – 550
Sally – 562
Sword Maiden – 342
The Girl – 533
Betty & Shrapnel – 646
Dusty – 615
Vivian – 549
Bug Spray – 492
Tetsu Ko – 574
Nowada – 416
Raven Skye – 596
Pussy Patrol – 506
Inquisitor Mira – 597
Victoriana – 410
Wu Ling Shu – 643
Geirahod – 650
Delzira – 518
Cave Girl – 368
Dr. Helen Salinger – 1100


Reinforcement Sets:

Professor Karrick & Thulie – 307
Luta & Shunkaha – 342
Rocket Biker & Bike – 358
Atomic Punks – 243


Bombkits & Additional Support

HlPrBot – 852
Relic 1 – 869
Relic 2 – 868
Relic 3 – 876
Relic 4 – 872
Steampunk Sprue – 940
Sci-fi Sprue – 927
Fantasy Sprue – 902
Squidman – 852
Raferu-san – 852
Tazjh – 852
Islug – 852
Belphegor – 852
Ping – 852
Flack – 852
Ghnt Spybot – 911

Sidekick Set 1 Sprue (Blunderbuss Monkey, HlPrBot, Rafaeru-San, Squidman & Tazjh) – 94
Sidekick Set 2 Sprue (Belphagor, Shrapnel, Flack, iSlug, & Ping) – 93

Resin pieces:

Rocket Bike – See Reinforcement sets
Additional Base insert sets – 93
Inserts for all Babes & Maelee – 10,583
Ammo Dumps – 895



Small – 17
Medium – 41
Large – 61
XL – 94
XXL 75


So by now you know the world did not actually end. This being the case we are full-steam-ahead getting the Babes finished up to get them to you.

We have reserved our spot at GenCon and received confirmation of our application. We will also have a Bombshell presence at Reaper Con in April and should have a new Maelee model available for that show.

Progress is still continuing on the Rocket Bike in ZBrush and I look to have some preliminary renders for the next update. It will need to go to print as soon as possible so I can get it off to mold. We’ll be sending out the other half of the postcards to print within the first couple of weeks of January. Turnaround on the printing is pretty quick so this will be fine.  Our t-shirt printer gave me an estimated delivery of January 4th for the shirts so I’ll post pics of those as soon as I can get them.

For those who asked, Shas’tan has recovered from his transgender surgery and will be going for a followup next Friday to see if he can have the cone and sutures removed. The surgeon is very confident this will greatly improve his quality of life.

Will keep you all posted with more progress after the holiday! Wishing all the best during the season.

The Sculptdude

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