Production Update 5

We got some preliminary color roughs in from Keri and the final painting on Professor Karrick and Thulle from Patrick McEvoy.

Other progress is coming along for making things.

The girls are all lined up and ready for me to give them some putty lovin’ this month. I also need to finish out a whole batch of accessories that will need to mastered as well.

The first batch of digital files are just about ready to go for a test print. The base inserts should be ready to go to mold this coming week. I added some client tabs on there too just to cut down on the repetitive work a bit.

The Experiment

Sally’s helmet has been in my head for  couple of years now. I know Naismith did some big helmets for the Cobalt-1 figures several years ago and I think the idea is sound. I have wanted a space girl figure with a bubble helmet since the first Chronoscope pieces I sculpted for Reaper.

I laid out some of the basic shape profiles in order to create a mold for the vacuform. The various proposed shapes will lend themselves not only to helmets but also other pulp sci-fi designs like robots and brain tanks!

So, the vacuformer arrived along with some clear plastic stock and over the next few weeks I’ll be making a few test forms for the helmet shapes. I don’t even know if it will work yet, but the theory is sound.

Thanks for hanging in there. More next week!

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