Production Update 3

There are lots of “behind-the-scenes” activities going on here at the Bombshell Factory. Most of this has involved setting up some stuff in QuickBooks in order to track things like income and outgoings. In order for me to be productive, this kind of organization is key so that things are lined up and not subject to be a distraction while sculpting.

We finalized the payment for some of the artist this week and did a little contract signing for the Dixon license. I got some color comps in from Keri for Meagan & Dusty and they look great. I’ll post the final paintings once they are approved. Painting has started on some of the other characters as well and I’ll update you on the progress as soon as I hear back on them.

In addition to finishing up some other over-due client work to ship out, I was able to put together a few more armatures and start filling out the anatomy for the Sword Maiden.

I’ve also created the blanks for our resin base inserts. The 50mm insert is still a bit rough around the edges, but the 40mm and 30mm are fitting in just fine. These pieces will be molded and cast in resin. These resin blanks will be used to model the actual scenic base inserts which in turn will get their own molds for production casting. I have it on good authority that we may have found a local supplier for plastic gaming bases in these sizes and will be able to offer them with the Babes. I’ll post more on that as it develops around the end of the year.

Bombshell Digital is almost operational. The delay has been getting the correct HDMI cables for the monitors and an AirPort card in order to move the existing system to a more accessible area. In the interim I have some great resources to reduce the learning curve as much as possible. As an existing sculptor with experience in other 3D software along with being a Photoshop “power-user” I expect the curve not to be as steep as it could be otherwise. Really looking forward to posting some renders for you all.

Checking in with Kevin this week, he has armatures put together for the iSlug Sidekick and the Thulle piece that goes along with Professor Karrick. As soon as there is some anatomy blocked out on them I’ll try to post an update pic.

That’s all for this installment, Next week I hope to have a larger selection of pics of the sculpts for you. Hang in there.

The Sculptdude

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