Production Update 2

Let’s get right to it. I have made some progress on Nowada and finished the main sculpting on Sally.

I generally sculpt directly over a wire armature and build up the material in layers. Bombshell Miniatures officially endorses Kraftmark’s Procreate as the preferred sculpting material of choice. Sally has just about everything finished except the hands and rocket pack. Her gear will be created and printed from ZBrush. These items will also be available as part of the Sci-Fi equipment sprue.

The ring on Sally’s collar may need to be extended a bit. Once the vaccuform table comes in and I can get some test casts of her helmet this will give me a better idea of how the parts will fit together.


For those asking, if you would like to get art directly from Matt Dixon, you can head on over to his web shop and get it directly from him. He has a set of Dixon’s Vixens cards available with many of the Babes we licensed for miniatures.

Things are starting to roll forward at a good clip. All of the bussiness nonsense is now completed, registering the name and setting up our new bank account along with tax allocations. I have upgraded a little bit of hardware and software here and ZBrush is up and running. I still have a good selection of print vendors to test the files once I get some printable pieces to send.

Over the next week, in addition to sculpting more Babes, I will also begin on the base inserts so we can start on the initial molds for those. There are a few sidekicks waiting for attention too.

See you next Friday!

The Sculptdude

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