Production Update 1

Fellow Bombardiers, I have been working diligently for the past couple of days to get some work done on the sculpts. This batch is getting close to completion. But first a couple of items to address.


We will be sending the Kickstarter Survey™ either late in November or early December for you to choose your Kickstarter Rewards. This will be the primary way we will package your items so it will be important to include everything you want the Kickstarter pledge to cover. If you have added items on via PayPal Donate, those will be added to your Kickstarter rewards package.

If you add to your pledge amount via the PayPal Donate page you should be able to indicate what the extra amount is for in the text box on the payment page. Also include your Kickstarter screen name so we can match up what you will be getting.


As promised here are the shots of the stuff in progress. Betty has an all new face. I also increased the thickness of the legs from front-to-back in order to compensate a bit for mold compression. I don’t have access to my regular lighting rig and will get better pics of these once I get back to the studio.

Tim has been sitting next to me at the conference and has expressed that he’s very pleased with how she looks in person.

Maelee has a new hairstyle.

Vivian gets a bit of diving suit gear, hat and hair.

Nowada gets a bit of costuming and an axe.

Bomb Squad contributors Martin Jones (L) and Kevin Williams (R) are working on leveling up!

Top sculptors (L – R) Jason Wiebe, Gene Van Horne, Bobby Jackson, Julie Guthrie, and Bob Ridolfi are also in attendance lending their expertise.

More work is on its way including Sally and a few critters. Will post more soon!


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