We the Bomb Squad want to offer all of you the sincerest appreciation for your support throughout the entire fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.


The first two segments of our one-year plan have already been accomplished. Thanks to our fantastic Bombardier supporters, we have been able to bring all the ideas to launch a full line of miniatures at once. While the remaining stretch goal was not enough to reach putting a full Reinforcements set into production right away, we were completely blown away at the sheer volume of backers and pledges we received during the final hour of the project.
In light of that final total, as a special thanks to all our Kickstarter supporters, EVERY KICKSTARTER BACKER will receive a special Doctor Helen Salinger Babe for absolutely FREE! That’s right, no additional pledging, no add-on, right down to the $1 RACK Level!
Doctor Salinger is named after a strong female character from Pulp Sci-Fi during a period when such characters were rare and far between. Big thanks go to artist Tim Collier who sat and rendered this while I was trying to finish my Pathfinder assignment during last week’s trip to the Reaper Factory.


The PayPal thingy is live.
You can send more money to us and select more Babes. If you pledged on the Kickstarter project, you can add to your pledge total there and indicate additional rewards we can send to you.

Remember, this is NOT a Pledge Manager, an online store, shopping cart, or point of sale.

Your contribution will go towards production costs, setup expenses, overhead, and administration costs for the start up of Bombshell Miniatures. We will be sending you reward items to thank you for your generosity when the production period completes in early 2013.
KICKSTARTER BACKERS will not need to include additional shipping charges if we can verify your Kickstarter pledge and ship it all to the same address with your previous Kickstarter Rewards selections.


Just like the Cylons, we have a plan. We have already reached the first two segments and are now in the Production Phase. This is where the bulk of the work for the launch project will take place. In the first segment we initiated a soft launch in August by setting up a blog and Facebook page to announce the upcoming fundraising campaign. The second phase was the Kickstarter fundraising itself. In the third phase production will begin where the models are actually made and manufactured. All throughout this phase, I will be posting regular updates and photos as to the progress of the project from sculpting, 3D renders, molding and casting news and anything else I can add to include you all in the process.

The Fulfillment Phase will begin when we start shipping out the rewards packages from both the Kickstarter fundraising and the ongoing PayPal support until we reach the Retail Phase. There will be no “stretch goals” or additions to the existing line during this phase.

In the Retail Phase we will close the fundraising for donations and rewards options and launch our full-featured online web store. All of the non-exclusive models that were funded for production will be available along with a selection of new models we will premier for the web store launch.

During the Retail Phase we will continue to offer new releases on a regular schedule as we wrap up our year-long plan with our premier at GenCon 2013. By that time we should have a large selection of models as well a special Convention Exclusive figure we will reveal later with other exciting announcements for the following year.

We do not plan to launch a future Kickstarter funding campaign for Bombshell Miniatures at this time.


Again, thanks for all your hard work, hard earned dollars, promotion and overwhelming support. I am still amazed at the number of backers and the amount we raised just on my reputation as a sculptor and with Tim & the other artist’s designs. I appreciate your confidence in us more than anything else.

The massive work put in over the last two months to get this up and running and the constant monitoring it has required has been taxing. I did not get any actual work done on Friday due to the heavy maintenance the Kickstarter project page required for constant updating.

Special thanks go to Vicky who built all the rewards levels, crunched the numbers and added great incentives to the project. Thanks to Martin, Kevin and Brett for their continued moral and immoral support throughout the pledging period. Of course none of it would have been possible without the fantastic art from all of our great artists especially Tim.

I’m going away for a couple of days but I’ll be back reporting to you live from the Reaper Factory during their annual Artist Conference where I will be sculpting on the Babes.

Looking forward to showing you some really cool stuff!
The Sculptdude

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