Final Day!

This is it. Less than twenty hours to go. It has been a long haul. We started in early August planning the project, designing the concepts and crunching the numbers. Now we only have a few hours to unlock the remaining pieces. I am confident we can get there.

For good measure, Tim sharpened up his drawing pencil and whipped out three massively cool Babes I would be thrilled to share with you. They will be revealed only if we get to the pending Mystery Goals shown in the Babes Choices section!

If we reach the goals these pieces will be available as regular Babes choices, otherwise the pieces will not be in production until late next year. There are some pretty cool things lurking in there.



$110,000 ACHIEVED – THANK YOU!!! Luta & Shunkaha are now available as a Reinforcements Add-On Set for your additional pledge of only $10.

$120,000+ HS38 Rocket Bike will be available as a Reinforcements Add-On Set for your additional pledge of only $10. Along with that, when the goal is reached, we will add one Sidekick Flakk to every BOMB KIT for FREE!



Spent most of the day at Reaper finishing the Hyrekia sculpt. I also finished up a couple of other things to clear my workbench and make room for all the Babes needing attention.

Tim was kind enough to provide me with the additional details regarding Vivian’s diving suit. He worked out some pretty specific things to create the art and the extra views of the equipment are invaluable to help with the sculpting. She will be an awesome figure when finished. I’m really looking forward to working on her some more.

As we are gearing up here at the Bomb Factory to go into Babe production, I wanted to specifically thank all of you making this possible. It is a pretty amazing thing when close to a thousand backers can latch onto an idea and a concept to work together to make something really happen.

Everything is in place to make some truly fantastic models. You should all be very proud, because you are the ones who made it possible!

The Sculptdude

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