Three Days and Some Hours Left!

Despite popular opinion I am actually sculpting on the Babes! I removed the larger head for Betty and will work up a replacement. I will also be beefing up her legs a bit for molding.

Nowada has been blocked out with the basic understructure and anatomy. Next she will be getting an initial layer of drapery and armor. I will also begin the weapon next.

Vivian has a glass bead in place of the helmet until that is built in ZBrush and printed. As work progresses on her I will post renders of the helmet. She has a rudimentary layer for the diving suit. More layers will be built up to fill out the bulk of the armored plating. I thickened her waist a bit to facilitate casting. Were it the proportions in the art it would be prone to snapping when pulled from the mold.


$85,000 ACHIEVED – THANK YOU!!! Chooser of the Slain Geirahöd the Valkyrie will swoop to the battlefield as an additional Babes choice at any level that has a Babes choice as a reward. Along with that, when the goal is reached, we will add a Fantasy Weapon Sprue to every BOMB KIT for FREE!


$95,000+  Professor Karrick & Thulle will be available as a Reinforcements Add-On Set for your additional pledge of only $10. Along with that, when the goal is reached, we will add a Sidekick iSlug to every BOMB KIT for FREE!


Due to popular request, we found the fourth mold for Relic Tallah! She will be added to the Additional Support section for an added pledge of +$5 soon. When we reach the goal for Matt Dixon’s Cave Girl at $125,000 one Relic 4 Tallah will be included in the BOMB KIT for absolutely FREE!

This is it! The final week! I know you are as ready to wrap this thing up as we are here at the Bomb Factory! There are still lots of cool things to unlock and add to your rewards. Over the next couple of days we will be adding a couple of new pledge levels and revealing some more Additional Support items. If all goes to plan, there will be daily updates through the remaining period of the project.
The Sculptdude
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