$70K Reached and Inquisitor Mira Added!

Thank you all for making Mira and Belphegor a reality. Having designed this particular character myself it is very encouraging to know that you all value the addition of her to our Babes line. It is ironic that it we are now at 666 backers to get Inquisitor Mira into the mix!


$70,000 ACHIEVED – THANK YOU!!! This sets Inquisitor Mira on the trail of righteousness. We have reached the goal to unlock Mira so she can join your parish as an additional Babes choice at any level that has a Babes choice as a reward.
By reaching the goal for Mira, we have also add the Belphegor Sidekick to every BOMB KIT for absolutley FREE!
$75,000+ Rings up Steampunk Medic Victoriana to make a house call. When this goal is reached Victoriana will be available as an additional Babes choice at any level that has a Babes choice as a reward.
We have also included a new ADDITIONAL SUPPORT option with the Sidekicks Set 2. You can add on this set of helpful (or harmful) little critters to any backer reward level for an additional pledge amount of only $10.
Amazing progress so far. Many thanks again to all of our ongoing supporters who have increased their pledge amounts to include more options. We also welcome and show gratitude to all of our new backers who have just joined in as new Bombardiers! We appreciate all of you.
More art and some new Work-In-Progress sculpts are on the way.
The Sculptdude
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