Close to Getting the Cat!


Less than $800 to go to get this:

$65,000+ Takes us along with Matt Dixon’s Vixen Pussy Patrol, complete with cat sidekick. When we reach this goal, this hard hitting, heavy armored Babe and her feline scout will be added to the available Babes choices for every level that can select Babes choices as a reward.

In addition to that, we will include our third Bombshell Relic Princess Theja in every BOMB KIT for absolutely FREE! The sculpt won First Place in the GenCon 2006 Sculpted Green category of the Painting Competition. This rare and out-of-production model will only be offered here during this Kickstater drive.



More Babes!

We have added the rest of the art to fill out the remaining slots for available Babes choices at the NAPALM LEVEL! If you have been holding out to upgrade to this level there will now be a Babe available for every slot for the 15 choices for this backer level. These Babes will only be available as choices to every level that gets to choose a Babe as a reward if we make the goals indicated in order to put them into production.

Many thanks go to Cris Delara and Tim Collier for getting these in under the gun. We are very excited to bring Steampunk Medic Victoriana and wuxia heroine Wu Ling Shu to wrap up this segment of releases. There is also a mysterious silhouette posted following the $80K goal. She will be revealed once the poll for the Reinforcements has been sorted out.

You can see larger versions of the character art in our Concept Art Gallery here.


Reinforcements Add-On Sets

Development has continued regarding the availability of the Add-On Sets. We have set up a Polldaddy account in order to set up the poll to prioritize the posted sets. We will post a link once the poll goes live so that you can vote on which sets you would like to have offered first. his link will be made available on the main page as well as in future updates so everyone will have a chance to participate.
There are three additional sets we are considering adding and the art is currently being generated. As soon as they are in and posted, we will send out the link to the poll to start the voting.
Your support, patience and enthusiasm have been remarkable and I am deeply honored to be able to share this work with all of you. Thanks again for making it all possible.
The Sculptdude
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