Less than $300 Welcomes Raven Skye!

I know it seemed like a long haul to get to this point but we are now exactly at the halfway mark in the project. I’m not sure how other projects progress but here is a graph from the project dashboard showing how we’ve done so far. This is very similar to the data generated by Kicktraq.

This show steady growth over the entire course of the project with no lag time. Really amazing progress.


$60,000 PENDING!!! Aeronautical pilot Raven Skye can take command of your airship fleet. When we reach the goal to unlock Raven she can join your fleet as an additional Babes choice at any level that has a Babes choice as a reward. We will also add a Steampunk Weapon Sprue to every BOMB KIT for absolutley FREE!

Tim is working on the final design for Raven from this initial thumbnails sketch here. We’ll be posting that along with some other characters as soon as they roll in!

$65,000+ Takes us along with Matt Dixon’s Vixen Pussy Patrol, complete with cat sidekick. When we reach this goal, this hard hitting, heavy armored Babe and her feline scout will be added to the available Babes choices for every level that can select Babes choices as a reward. In addition to that, we will include our third Bombshell Relic Princess Theja in every BOMB KIT for absolutely FREE!

In addition to that, we will include our third Bombshell Relic Princess Theja in every BOMB KIT for absolutely FREE! The sculpt won First Place in the GenCon 2006 Sculpted Green category of the Painting Competition. This rare and out-of-production model will only be offered here during this Kickstater drive.

$70,000+ Sets Inquisitor Mira on the trail of righteousness. When we reach the goal to unlock Mira so she can join your parish as an additional Babes choice at any level that has a Babes choice as a reward.




Because our painters are so awesome, we have added 4 more THERMITE slots bringing the total to 10! If you want to get one of your Babes painted up by one of our awesome Bomb Squad Painters just edit your pledge amount and select the THERMITE LEVEL as a reward. You can choose which Babe model you want painted when we send out the backer reward survey after the project concludes.

Reinforcement Add-On Sets
There is a lot of interest growing about the Reinforcements Add-On Sets. The plan at this point is to throw the Reinforcements into the mix after we complete the goal for $80,000. We will be posting a poll during the period before reaching that goal that will allow the backers to vote on the order that our Reinforcements are offered.

Just to give you a taste of the next offering we present the Spirit Walker Luta and her guardian wolf spirit Shunkaha designed by Patrick McEvoy. We have several other Reinforcements Sets that are being designed and they will be posted before the poll for voting goes out to the backers.

All of you have done a tremendous job hanging in there as we have worked to get more designs to you. The comments and suggestions have been great and there has been lots of feedback on the sculpts in progress. We will be posting new stuff again soon!

Onward to the Feline Frolic!

The Sculptdude

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