$55K Adds Nowada & Gets Closer to Raven

The steady pace of added pledges and new backers has me completely amazed. You guys are doing a great job supporting the project and keeping it moving forward!

Here are a couple of things I’ve been working on.

Maelee and Betty are coming along nicely. Maelee has a few more details to add, but her gear and tools will likely be 3D printed and so won’t be finished for a while. The wrench is just a placeholder for reference. Betty still needs the rest of her flight jacket, hair & cap as well as a few other details. This should give you a rough idea of how they are progressing.


$55,000 ACHIEVED – THANK YOU!!!  Adds Nowada the Lioness from the darkest jungles of the past. We reached the goal to unlock Nowada so she can join your tribe as an additional Babes choice at any level that has a Babes choice as a reward. We will also include one Tazjh Hatchling Sidekick in every BOMB KIT for absolutely FREE!

$60,000+ Allows Raven Sky to take command of your airship fleet. When we reach the goal to unlock Raven she can join your fleet as an additional Babes choice at any level that has a Babes choice as a reward.

When we reach the $60K goal we will also add a Steampunk Weapon Sprue to every BOMB KIT for absolutley FREE!



New art is starting to come in and that will be posted as soon as it arrives. We have another awesome Reinforcements set designed by Patrick McEvoy that will be added next. You can see the fantastic design that Tim turned in for Nowada posted above. Our newest contributor Craig Elliott is hard at work on a forest dwelling Dryad Spirit and we will get that posted when it arrives as well.
I have been able to finish the two Dark Sword pieces I was working on for September and there are still a couple of client pieces needing attention. I will try to get more pics of Maelee and Betty along with hopefully a couple of others next.
More to come . . . 
The Sculptdude
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